One day trip to Sicily from Malta

Taormina and Etna – Sicily

Taormina – Sicily’s prime tourist resort was discovered by the British aristocracy in the mid 1800s. This peaceful panoramic resort was colonized by the Greeks who built a theater in the Hellenic period – 4 B.C.

на Сицилию с Мальты гастрономический тур

Syracuse and Marzamemi tour – Sicily

MARZAMEMI, a dreamy fishing village, turned into a tourist resort over the summer months, is well known for its tuna fish, little wonder that the quaint town center in the old port is known as the tonnara.

Экскурсия на Сицилию с Мальты

Mt. Etna and Modica – Sicily

Mt. Etna: The largest and most active volcano in Europe. The climb to the crater takes us through picturesque villages and an ever changing landscape. The lower slopes of the volcano are extremely fertile with groves of oranges, lemons and other Mediterranean flora ...

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