на Сицилию с Мальты гастрономический тур

May excursion dates: 15; 17; 22; 24; 29; 31

June excursion dates: 05; 07; 12; 14; 19; 21; 26; 28

July excursion dates: 03; 05; 10; 12; 17; 19; 24; 26; 31

August excursion dates: 02; 07; 09; 14; 16; 21; 23; 28; 30 

One day tour to Sicily visiting Marzamemi and Syracuse.

MARZAMEMI, a dreamy fishing village, turned into a tourist resort over the summer months, is well known for its tuna fish production, little wonder that the quaint town center in the old port is known as the tonnara. The area around Pachino, in contrast, is typically agricultural; the pomodori di Pachino (tomatoes), are sought all over Sicily as are the grapes from which the Nero D’Avola wine is produced. The rows of colourful one-story fishermen’s houses are interrupted by the Tonnara, the disused Arab tuna processing plant. The village, with Piazza Regina Margherita  is a sea of colour, the bright blue doors and windows, the potted red geraniums, the multicoulored wooden fishing boats, all against a background of the blue Mediterranean Sea.  At Campisi you will find an array of Sicilian delicacies – sun dried tomatoes, pate di Olive Neri and of course the traditional bottarga (dried tuna roe).

SYRACUSE – has come to epitomize Greek culture in Sicily, Magna Grecia. Syracuse is home to an Archaeological Zone housing a world renowned Teatro Greco, still in use to this very day. The island of Ortygia is the centre of ancient Syracuse. Within a few minutes walking distance through the pedestrian zone are the magnificent Duomo, a converted V Century BC Greek Temple, dedicated to Athena. The façade is a splendid early 18th Century Sicilian baroque creation. The beautiful Archimedes Square, with its early 20th century Art Nouveau central building, is in the opposite direction, running across a quaint medieval street.

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Highlights and Inclusions

  • Arrival at POZZALLO – a typical Sicilian village. Met by fully airconditioned coaches, accompanied by guides.
  • Departure to Syracuse with a running commentary by the guide. Free time for lunch (not included in the price)
  • Departure to MARZAMEMI. We visit the multi coloured fisherman’s village and the Campisi establishment, famous for its’ Sicilian delicacies. Campisi is a leading manufacturer of fish products: fish eggs, raw tuna (bottarga), red tuna, traditional Sicilian sauces, the popular Pachino tomatoes home grown in this area of Sicily. Time for swimming.
  • Departure for Pozzallo with a running commentary by the guide.
  • Depart for Malta by High Speed Catamaran at 19:30hrs.
  • The itinerary of this excursion may be altered subject to weather conditions.
  • This excursion is only held with a minimum of 15 participants.
  • Local transport (Hotel/Harbour/Hotel): 15.00 Euro per person.
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