Индивидуальные экскурсии по Мальте. Остров Гозо

Our tour on the eco-island of Gozo begins in the ancient Citadel, the winding fortress that has protected Gozo since ancient times. A walk through its quiet, idyllic streets, coupled by a panoramic view of the entire island is sure to amaze all visitors. A short walk down from the hill-top of the Citadel will take us to Gozo’s capital city of Victoria. There we will walk through its busy, charming streets, and have time to shop in its traditional market, and sample some of Gozo’s unique gastronomic delights.

Our next stop will be one of the most naturally beautiful sights in the whole archipelago: the Azure Window. This geological wonder was caused by millennia of sea erosion, and now stands large and proud over a landscape enriched by marine fossils right under your feet, and a pristine inlet sea surrounded by spectacular views. We will have an optional boat ride which will take us through the natural caves, and give us a first-hand view of the Mediterranean at its best.

Next we will visit Gozo’s most important religious site. Ta’ Pinu church, a neo-Romanesque basilica in the middle of picturesque countryside, was the site of a miracle in the early 19th century that set off a century of fervent devotion, and inspired stories of healing and miracles. Apart from the church itself we will see all the incredible, humbling votive offerings thousands of people offered to Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu, praying for intervention.

Time for lunch! What better place to relax than the village of Xlendi, nestled at the bottom of a sheer valley, surrounded by beautiful clear waters! Here, by the waterfront, we will find a variety of excellent restaurants, all topped off with views that remind one of Sicily or Capri.
After lunch we will make our way to another high point on the island, this time to the Calypso Cave, where it is believed Ulysses was kept prisoner by nymphs, according to Homer’s Odyssey.  Legend aside, here we will be confronted with a fantastic view of Gozo’s prettiest beach, and muscular hills. It is a site to inspire any poet!

From here we will next pay quick visits to some of Gozo’s more subtle, interesting sites, such as the large cross of Tas-Salvatur, the photogenic Ta’ Kola windmill, and indulge in some shopping in Gozo’s Crafts Village.

At the end of these sites we will have free time in the beach we saw when we were at Calypso’s Cave – Ramla Bay. A tranquil beach famed for the red sand that gives it its name, and the beautiful water that makes you want more and more. The beach is also serviced by restaurants for those that want to enjoy a drink or some snack in this ideal setting.

Lunch and ferry tickets are not included. Should guests wish to visit museums, kindly note that entrance tickets must be bought directly during the tour.

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